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Tamsulosin: Common use
People use Tamsulosin to treat the prostate, a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which is also known as the expansion of the prostate). Tamsulosin is a member of class of alpha-blockers. The principle of its action is a weakening of the muscles of the bladder neck and prostate. The action of the preparation gives the relief of BPH symptoms such as a sense of frequent urination, weak flow of urine, difficulties in beginning of urination, as well as the need to pee during night sleep. High blood pressure isn’t treated with this preparation.

Tamsulosin: Dosage
Before you use Tamsulosin, you ought to have a consultation with the specialist or Tamsulosin provider to get the right dosage defined.

Ask your Physician and Tamsulosin provider about all the information you are interested in. The preparation Tamsulosin is taken orally. Take Tamsulosin once a day or as it is prescribed by your doctor. The effect of the preparation and its safety don’t depend on meals. Take the first dose before sleep, to minimize the appearance of dizziness or loss of consciousness.

After the adoption of the first dose, take the rest of the preparation regularly at the same time, every day. A patient ought to swallow a capsule without chewing, as it may lead to unwanted effects. Visit your physician in case of worsening your problems.

Tamsulosin: Precautions
Patients ought to get aware of some precautions before they use Tamsulosin, or else they could have trouble with their health.

You doctor ought to be informed if you have any allergic reactions. If you have diagnosis such as prostate cancer, pressure problems, consult with the specialist if you are advisable to start Tamsulosin therapy.

When you first begin taking this medicine, avoid situations where you can get injured, due to the weakness. This medicine may make you dizzy. Patients should be be careful driving, using the mechanism, or doing any other activities requiring attention. Cut down on alcohol.

Your doctor ought to be told that you have started Tamsulosin treatment before surgery. The elderly are more sensitive to the unwanted effects, especialy dizziness. This medication is not recommended to women and children.

Tamsulosin: Contraindication
Never use Tamsulosin if you haven’t read all the contraindications. Before you start the treatment with this medication, inform your physician if you have any kind of hypersensitivity to Tamsulosin components.

Tamsulosin contraindications include:
– ortostatical gipotenzia;
– expressed liver failure;
– hypersensitivity to Tamsulosin or any other components of the drug.

Caution: chronic renal disease (CRCL below 10 ml/min).

Tamsulosin: Side Effects
If want to avoid side-effect, use Tamsulosin only if it has been approved by your health care provider.

Patients may have problems with sleep, dizziness, unusual weakness, cold or difficulty ejaculating. In case of worsening any side effects, stop the course and look for medical help.

Many people taking this medication do not experience serious side effects for Tamsulosin. If you have unusual but serious side effects like loss of consciousness, a change ofvision, a fast heartbeat, then inform your doctor immediately.

In case of painful or prolonged feelings during 4 hours or more, stop using this drug and look for immediate medical help.

Symptoms of a serious allergic reactions: swelling, dizziness, itching, breathing problems. If you have noticed other effects that are not listed above, contact the doctor or pharmacist.

Tamsulosin: Drug interaction
Your doctor should know about all medicines that you are taking. Inform you health care provider if you are taking drugs for erectile problems (eg, tadalafil, sildenafil, vardenafil), other alpha-blocking drugs (eg, prazosin, doxazosin), high blood pressure medications, drugs affecting liver enzymes which remove Tamsulosin from the body (such as cimetidine, ketoconazole, “blood thinners “(e.g., warfarin), macrolide antibiotics including erythromycin, St. John’s wort, rifabutin, carbamazepine).

While consuming both Tamsulosin and Cimetidine patients can get a slight increase in the concentration of Tamsulosin in plasma, if it is taken with furosemide – reduction of the concentration;

Tamsulosin: Overdosage
Tamsulosin overdosage are not described. Theoretically, the overdose can cause the development of acute arterial hypotension, which may require further therapy. To prevent further consequences, stomach lavage, activated carbon and osmotic laxative are recommended.

Tamsulosin: Note
Nowadays you can find many online drugstores offering to get Tamsulosin.

On the internet we you can also get all essential recommendations how to take the preparation without causing danger to your health. In any case if you wish to avoid unwanted consequences and serious problems, never buy the medicine which hasn’t been prescribed to you by a trustworthy specialist.

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