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Finasteride: indications
Men, suffering from hair loss, are often recommended to use Finasteride. This drug contains active ingredient called finasteride that influences the body chemistry, – to be more exact, it prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This interaction is the main cause of male-pattern baldness that mainly affects people of middle age (20-40 years of age).

When a man is diagnosed with this condition, it is essential to get Finasteride and start using it asap to prevent the progress of hair loss which may lead to complete baldness. But before you make a purchase you should know for sure that the reason for hair loss in your case is hormones and nothing else.

There are many other causes of hair loss in men, when using Finasteride may not bring any effect. They include:

  • Heredity. This factor not only puts a patient at risk of losing hair, but also influences the age when this process starts.
  • Alopecia areata. This condition takes place when immune system attacks healthy hair follicles.
  • Infections. If a patient has skin infections or other disorders (like ringworm, lichen planus, sarcoidosis, etc.), he may experience mild-to-severe hair loss.
  • Treatment with radiation therapy often causes hair loss. After the therapy hair grows slowly and is rather thin.
  • Depression or emotional shock sometimes causes hair loss or thinning of one’s hair. This condition is usually reversible.

So before using Finasteride you should visit your doctor and pass certain medical tests to identify the actual reason for hair loss in your case. You will also get instructions what meds to take and how.

Finasteride: contraindications and precautions
If you decided to use Finasteride, order the med only at a reliable pharmacy, don’t forget to learn contraindications and precautions first – this will help you to avoid dangerous purchase and help to make your treatment safe.

The drug is contraindicated for using in pediatric and female patients. These groups of patients shouldn’t even handle the tabs as in case of damaging tab’s coat an active ingredient of the med can pass through the skin and cause harm.

Finasteride is strongly contraindicated for the use in pregnant women as it can cause severe defects in a developing fetus, especially if it is a boy. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that women don’t even touch the tablet. The coat doesn’t let an active substance come in contact with skin, still, if it occasionally damages, a harm to a woman’s health can be caused.

In case a woman or a child accidently comes in contact with the drug they should immediately wash their hands with soap.

Male patients with an allergy to finasteride or dutasteride should not use Finasteride.

For men who are going to use Finasteride, it’s essential to see a doctor and consult about the safety of treatment in case of having any of these conditions:

  • Problems with urination,
  • Problems associated with bladder muscle functioning,
  • Liver disease,
  • Inability to urinate,
  • Prostate cancer,
  • Stricture of the urethra.

The medicine could make these conditions worse, so a patient should seek for another option or take the drug in adjusted doses under doctor’s supervision.

Attention! Using finasteride on regular basis increases the risk of developing prostate cancer, so male patients should often pass medical tests to monitor their health state. Another risk is male breast cancer which can show up through such symptoms as discharge from nipples, developing of breast lumps, pain in breast/nipple and other changes in this area.

Finasteride: administration
Administrating Finasteride is not a complicated procedure, but a patient should strictly keep to the following rules:

  1. To take the med as prescribed without self-changing the dosage. Increasing the dose won’t give better or faster results, but will increase a patient’s risk of getting severe side effects.
  2. To administrate the medicament orally with a glass of drinking water.
  3. To administrate the med regularly, without skipping doses, at the same time daily.
  4. Try not to miss your doses. In case it happens, skip this dose if it’s time to take the next one or take as soon as you remember. But you should never take 2 doses at ones to make up the missed one.
  5. Despite overdose of finasteride isn’t supposed to cause severe side effects, it’s advised to appeal to medics in case it happens.
  6. To achieve and keep stable results you should use the medicine for a long time.
  7. First results may be seen in three or more months after starting the treatment.
  8. In case you see no result after a year of treatment, appeal to your healthcare provider – it’s very likely that the treatment will be cancelled and doctor suggests you another option.
  9. Visit your healthcare provider regularly and pass all the tests your doctor tells you to – this will help to prevent side effects of your treatment.
  10. In order the medicine saves its qualities store it away from heat and direct light in a tightly closed tare.

Usually patients are prescribed to take 1 dose (1 tablet) daily.

Be careful! During the treatment with Finasteride patients should not stand up from lying position too fast as it may cause dizziness and lead to a fall.

Finasteride: side effects
On this website you can read online Finasteride side effects at any time – we arranged this information to help you act correctly if during the treatment anything goes wrong.

The most severe case is an allergic reaction. In such situation a patient needs immediate medical help. Allergic reaction can be indicated by such symptoms as swelling anywhere in the mouth, hives, difficult breathing.

Male patients taking Finasteride should also watch their breasts – in case of developing any lumps, pain in breast area or nipple discharge a patient should see his healthcare provider asap because these are the signs of male breast cancer.

If you get Finasteride and use it correctly, it is not supposed to cause any severe side effects. Less serious side effects the medication may cause include mainly sexual problems such as:

  • Premature or abnormal ejaculation,
  • Trouble achieving orgasm,
  • Difficulties in developing or keeping an erection,
  • Decreased sexual desire and so on.

These effects usually go away on their own after the end of treatment.

Other mild side effects not connected with sexual sphere include:

  • Dizziness,
  • Runny nose,
  • Swollen feet/hands,
  • Skin rash,
  • Mild headache,
  • Weakness,
  • Tender breasts.
  • There may also be some other side effects or unwanted reaction medication can cause. If anything bothers you, appeal to a medical specialist.

    Finasteride: drug interactions
    Before using Finasteride you should discuss with your doctor the issue of treatment safety in case you have to take any other meds at the same time. Certain drug interactions can cause unwanted effects like:

    • Decreased efficacy of Finasteride,
    • Increased risk of side effects,
    • Decreased efficacy of other meds you are taking,
    • Abnormal medical tests,
    • Health risks and changes.

    There is a list of meds that are known to develop interactions with finasteride:
    Cardizem, Cartia XT, Dilator, Dilt, Diltia XT, Diltzac and other drugs that have diltiazem as an active ingredient,

    • Tacrolimus,
    • Saquinavir,
    • Itraconazole,
    • Fluconazole,
    • Fluvoxamine,
    • Nelfinavir,
    • Tenofovir,
    • Nefazodone,
    • Tacrolius,
    • Sirolius,
    • Enalapril,
    • Voriconazole.

    So in order to prevent unsafe interactions of health products you use and Finasteride, buy the latter after discussing with your doctor all the medicines (prescribed and over-the-counter as well as herbs, vitamins and dietary supplements) you are taking.

    Finasteride: Where to buy?
    Both legal and fake meds can be bought online and offline. Shopping in the internet is sometimes more risky but you can get there really Finasteride. In order not to be fooled by unfaithful merchants, deal only with trusted companies that have good reputation and testimonials. Never buy meds from hands.
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