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Tamoxifen is a medicine, which can decrease the chance of developing breast cancer.

If you notice some such symptoms as unusual vaginal bleeding, abnormal menstrual period, chest pain, coughing up blood, vision problems, you should immediately to call your doctor. If you have a high risk of breast, discuss the possibility of the using of Tamoxifen with your doctor.

Tamoxifen is used mostly for the treatment of the breast cancer that can spread to other parts of the body. But also it can be used for other aims, but it should be determined by your doctor. Tamoxifen may act as an antiestrogen. It will help to prevent the growth of tumors that can be activated by estrogen.

Never use Tamoxifen if you have allergy to any ingredient in this drug. Don’t take with Tamoxifen some anticoagulants and anastrozole.

If you should know some precautions and conditions which can/cannot interact with this medicine such a pregnancy or a planning to become pregnant, breast-feeding, herbal preparation, allergy to some medicines or food, a weak immune system, high cholesterol, vision problems.

How to take Tamoxifen
If you use Tamoxifen, follow the instruction, which will be on the drug or check a Medication Guide. Read it attentively. If you want to use Tamoxifen, read instructions on the internet. Buying some drugs with the help of the internet has some benefits, for example, you can get Tamoxifen.

Tamoxifen can be taken with/without food. It is preferable to take Tamoxifen with water or with another nonalcoholic liquid. During the taking of the drug don’t break or crush it, swallow it whole. Even if you feel well continue to take Tamoxifen, never miss any dose. In the case if you miss a dose, get it immediately. But don’t take two doses together. The dose for metastatic breast cancer cure and prevention of breast cancer is ten mg two times a day or twenty mg one time a day and for five years. To stimulate an ovulation you should take five-forty mg two times a day and for four days.

Tamoxifen: Important information
There are some side effects which can be caused by Tamoxifen such as dizziness, decrease of the ability of your body to struggle with infection, pain in bones, sudden severe headache, cough and tiredness, pain in muscles, weight loss and vaginal discharge, allergic reactions, depression, coughing up blood, decreased sexual desire, abnormal menstrual periods, yellowing of the eyes. Try to avoid contact with people who got a cold. Watch over such symptoms as fever or sore throat, rash and chills.

What can happen if I overdose?
First of all you should find emergency medical attention.

What should I avoid during the taking of the tamoxifen?
Try to avoid eating soy and soy products. Or ask your doctor about it.

Tamoxifen has a possibility to pass into body fluids (vaginal fluid, urine, vomit, feces, semen). Thus, for at least two days after you take a dose, try to avoid allowing your fluids of the body to interact with your hands and some other surfaces. You should wear rubber gloves when you clean up body fluids, handle contagious trash, linen or changing diapers. Try to wash your hands as more as possible.

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