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Valacyclovir: indications
Patients with herpes virus may use Valacyclovir for treating their condition. The most common types of this virus are genital herpes and cold sores (affects patient’s lips) which are transmitted sexually and by close contact. Patients should understand that there is no cure for herpes virus, and medicines prescribed for the treating of such conditions just ease the symptoms. The drug with its active ingredient called valacyclovir releases the following effects:

  • Speeds up the healing of sores,
  • Reduces redness, itching and tingling,
  • Reduces muscle aches,
  • Reduces pain.

Those who once had blisters caused by herpes virus, know that even without treatment they go away on their own. If you think it’s not necessary to buy herpes medication online, you may be mistaken.

Herpes virus, if left untreated, can cause complications of different levels of severity, such as:

  • Bladder infection (in patients with genital herpes),
  • Conjunctivitis that may grow into serious vision problems and even blindness (most common in little babies with cold sores – they put fingers in their mouth and then touch their eyes),
  • Skin reactions, dermatitis all across the body (most likely in patients with eczema),
  • Rectal inflammation (in patients with genital herpes),
  • High risk of transmitting sexual diseases.

Antiviral medications such as valacyclovir help to control the symptoms of the infection and prevent complications. So it’s really worth to get the med, moreover valacyclovir price is affordable for patients with any income.

The full list of indications for using Valacyclovir includes:

  • Genital herpes,
  • Cold sores,
  • Chickenpox,
  • Shingles.

The med can be taken by adult and pediatric patients.

Valacyclovir: precautions

Before you use Valacyclovir you should make sure this medicine suits you. There is a list of conditions when administrating valacyclovir can cause harm to a patient or dosage adjustment should be done. We strongly recommend seeing your healthcare provider and asking about how you should use Valacyclovir in case you have any of these conditions:

  • Any kind of kidney problems,
  • Any severe chronic diseases,
  • Problems of immune system,
  • Having bone marrow transplant.

You should also inform your doctor about all other meds and health products you are using. Do not use the med if you have an allergy to valacyclovir.

Who can take Valacyclovir?
The medicine can be used for treating patients of the following groups:

  • Children aged 2 and older – for chickenpox,
  • Children aged 12 and older – for cold sores,
  • Adults – for treating infections indicated in the first paragraph,
  • Pregnant women – for treating genital herpes (FDA pregnancy category B),
  • Elderly patients (for treating infections indicated in the first paragraph).
  • Among abovementioned groups older patients are at higher risk of developing side effects.

Attention! Nursing mothers should not use valacyclovir as it can pass into breast milk and harm a newborn. You should either seek for another drug or not give breast milk to your baby during the period of treatment.

Important to know! If a pregnant woman has genital herpes, she may infect her baby during delivery which may cause unwanted complications. That’s why it is very important to treat the condition before delivery. Valacyclovir can be taken by pregnant patients as it is not suspected to harm a fetus. But you can use Valacyclovir only after your doctor gives you permission and adjusts your dose.

What should I know about Valacyclovir?
This medicine shows the best efficacy if taken as soon as first signs of infection appear (skin burning, itching, tingling, appearance of first blisters. If you take the med a few days after it wouldn’t be as effective.

Bare in mind that despite taking the med you still can infect other people, so during the treatment try to avoid close contacts and sexual intercourse in order not to transmit the virus to your partner, family members and friends.

Valacyclovir: administration
Before you use valacyclovir, read the leaflet that goes with the medicine – and you will know how to use the med correctly. If anything is still unclear, contact your healthcare provider and ask your questions.
General rules are the following:

  1. To start the treatment as the first signs of infection appear.
  2. To use the correct dose of the medicine (not in smaller or bigger amounts).
  3. Avoid overdosing. See medics asap in case of overdose. Overdose symptoms include various changes in urination (less than usual, absence of urination, difficult urination, etc.).
  4. In case of missed dose take it as soon as you remember or skip if it’s time to administrate the next dose. Never double your dose to make up the missed one – this may lead to overdosing.
  5. Drink a glass of water with each dose of medication. Keep drinking enough water during the day to help your kidneys work normally.
  6. You may take the med at mealtime or independently.
  7. If you are taking the med in liquid form, use a special measuring device – you can find it in drug’s package. Do not forget to shake the medicine before administrating.
  8. Keep using the med up to the end of prescribed course even if your symptoms improve earlier.
  9. Keep liquid valacyclovir in fridge (do not freeze), tablets – in a dry place away from moisture and heat. Liquid med shouldn’t be used after a month after opening.

Advice: to make your lesions heal faster, keep them clean and try not to irritate them – do not scratch or anyhow damage them, wear loose closing to prevent sweating and rubbing.

To prevent the spread of infection do not touch your eyes and other organs after touching your lesions. Wash your hands often, don’t let other people touch the infected areas of your body.

Valacyclovir: side effects
When patients use valacyclovir and ignore dosing warnings, they may have side effects. The most severe side effect is an allergic reaction that may come in form of breathing difficulties, hives and swelling of any areas inside one’s moth. This condition can’t be ignored – a patient in such case needs immediate medical help.
Serious side effects Valacyclovir can (quite rare) cause include:

  • Appearance of other red spots on the skin not related with the disease that is treated,
  • Jaundice or yellowed skin,
  • Severe vomiting,
  • Severe weakness,
  • Diarrhea with blood,
  • Problems with urination,
  • Sufficient weight gain,
  • Low-back pain,
  • Hallucinations,
  • Increased thirst,
  • Mood and behavior changes,
  • Convulsions,
  • Problems with speech.

All of the above mentioned conditions require immediate medical attendance as part of them can be the sign of red blood cells damage.

You may further use valacyclovir and take it if you have mild side effects which don’t cause much discomfort:

  • Mild menstrual pain in women,
  • Mild tiredness,
  • Nausea,
  • Stuffy nose,
  • Headache,
  • Mild pain in the stomach.

If you have any effects not indicated above, contact your doctor and get instructions.

Valacyclovir: drug interaction
Before you use Valacyclovir, learn the list of other substances this med can interact with. To avoid unpleasant effects, do not use valacyclovir with the following medications:

  • Drugs for the treating of pain and arthritis: Motrin, Tylenol, Excedrin, Aleve, Anacin, Naprosyn, Voltaren,
  • Advil, Lodine, Indocin and others,
  • Medicaments for preventing organ transplant rejection: Prograf, Rapamune, etc.,
  • Lithobid, Eskalith,
  • Other antiviral medications like Hepsera, Foscavir, Vistide, etc.,
  • Trexal, Rheumatrex,
  • Meds designed for the treating of cancer: Mithracin, BiCNU, Proleukin, Vesanoid, Platinol, Eloxatin, Gliadel,
  • Zanosar, Ifex and others,
  • Certain antibiotics (for IV) – Garamycin, Vancocin, AmBisome, Amikin, Kantrex, Fungizone, Capastat, Vancoled,
  • Abelcet, Baci-IM, Amphotec, etc.,
  • Drugs used in the treating of ulcerative colitis – Azulfidine, Pentasa and others.

There may also be some other substances valacyclovir can interact with. To avoid unwanted effects you should consult a medical specialist before starting the treatment. Tell your doctor what other health products you are using (herbal teas, dietary supplements, vitamins, over-the-counter meds and so on).

Valacyclovir: Where to buy?
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