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Fluoxetine: indications
Depression and some other disorders occur when certain chemicals in the brain become unbalanced. To improve the situation a patient should receive medicine. One may be adviced to use Fluoxetine for the treating of the following conditions:

  • panic disorder,
  • depression (major depressive disorder),
  • anxiety,
  • bulimia nervosa (when a person has problems with eating),
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder,
  • manic depression or bipolar disorder (a patient should also receive olanzapine medicine).

Fluoxetine acts by affecting certain areas of the brain to put back in balance substances that has become unbalanced. Fluoxetine is an active ingredient of this drug and some other antidepressants.

Fluoxetine: what to check before taking?
If you are planning to get Fluoxetine, please, check the patient’s instruction in order to make sure the treatment would be safe for you. You should know that this medicine:

  • Can badly interacts with MAO inhibitors, so do not start taking fluoxetine at least 14 days prior or after the treatment with MAO inhibitors.
  • Shouldn’t be received with methylene blue injection, pimozide or thioridazine due to unsafe interactions.
  • May cause suicidal thought in young patients (after 1st dose). Make sure your doctor or members of your family can take care of you when the treatment starts.
  • A patient’s instruction will also give you information about administration of the drug. Basic rules are:

    • Delayed-release capsules shouldn’t be broken, opened or somehow damaged before you take it. You should just swallow the capsule without chewing or crushing.
    • Wait until symptoms improve, strictly following your regime of drug taking. This may take up to a month. If there is no result, visit your doctor.
    • If you quit the treatment abruptly, you may get bad symptoms, – to avoid this, consult your doctor.
    • Fluoxetine: contraindications
      The medication has a list of contraindications. Please, get acquainted with this information before you use Fluoxetine. Main contraindications include:

      • Pregnancy (risk of birth defects),
      • Diabetes,
      • Epilepsy,
      • Cirrhosis of the liver,
      • Glaucoma (narrow-angle),
      • Problems with kidney,
      • Receiving a treatment with ECT.

      Fluoxetine: side effects
      No matter, whether one uses Fluoxetine or at offline drug store with prescription, risk of side effects still exists (both serious and less serious).

      A patient should immediately get medical attention in case any of the following side effects occur:

      • Mood swings or changes: one suddenly becomes irritated, agitated, anxious, etc.
      • Any kind of problems with vision.
      • Excessive sweating, muscle rigidness, tremor, fast heart rate and other nervous system reactions.
      • Nausea, hallucinations, fainting, overactive reflexes, fever, unexplained agitation and other signs of excessive amount of serotonin in one’s body.
      • Speech problems, weakness, headache, problems with coordination, confusion and other symptoms of low sodium in the body.
      • Skin reactions – swellings, bright spots, itching or rash anywhere on one’s body.

      You may safely use fluoxetine further and take the medicine as usual, if you have mild side effects as:

      • Mild tiredness,
      • Insomnia,
      • Dizziness, mild headache,
      • Problems with appetite,
      • Stuffy nose,
      • Decreased libido and sex performance.

      If you have symptoms that make you feel strange or cause discomfort, contact a medical specialist.

      Fluoxetine: drug interactions
      Before you use fluoxetine, it is recommended to check possible drug interactions in order to make the treatment safe and effective. Medications that can badly interact with Fluoxetine include:

      • Muscle relaxers, meds for depression, insomnia, seizures, etc. These meds can make a patient sleepy, and Fluoxetine may add to this effect.
      • Tramadol, fentanyl and any other narcotic pain medicines;
      • Jantoven, Coumadin, Warfarin and other drugs used for making blood thinner;
      • St. John’s Wort;
      • (L-) tryptophan;
      • Amitriptyline, lithium, desipramine, nortriptyline and other medications prescribed for mood, mental and thought disorders;
      • Meds for the treating of migraine headache, including zolmitriptan, rizatriptan, sumatriptan, etc.

      Fluoxetine: what to remember?

      After you get a strong antidepressant, you should take is strictly as prescribed by your doctor. Never change the dose or quit the treatment without professional consultation and evaluation of your current progress and condition.

      Store the medicine out of reach of children in a cool dark place. Never share the med, even if you have the same symptoms with someone.

      Fluoxetine may affect the speed and way you react, so you should be very careful when doing activities that require quick reaction, alertness and fast thinking. During the period of treatment it is adviced to avoid such activities.

      ! For women: if you get pregnant during the treatment, immediately visit your doctor (after you got know you are really pregnant).

      Avoid alcoholic beverages while you are on treatment – they increase the risk of side effects fluoxetine may cause.

      Any questions concerning the dosage, the regime of drug taking, changes in your mood, behavior or thoughts you should address to a doctor and get professional medical attention if anything bothers you or causes discomfort.

      Fluoxetine: where to buy?
      There is a wide range of companies that offer to get Fluoxetine. Advantages of online-shopping are obvious:

      • You save your time as you don’t have to go anywhere and stand in a line – your order will be delivered right to your door.
      • Another advantage is Fluoxetine price: when you purchase drugs online, you save your money as medicine is sold at a cheaper price. This doesn’t meant poor quality: online-pharmacies don’t have big staff and their expenses are much smaller than expenses of regular drug stores, that’s why they can set smaller prices for medications they offer.
      • And finally, you can get Fluoxetine when you are shopping online, which is very convenient and, again, saves your time.

      But be careful: never buy drugs from hands and keep in mind that unfaithful merchants also use internet to sell their low-quality drugs. Medicines available at our online pharmacy, meet high quality standards as they are manufactured by world-famous and trusted pharmaceutical factories.

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