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Disulfiram: indications
Alcohol abuse is a serious problem worldwide; it concerns both men and women. Many patients don’t realize when they move from accidental alcohol consumption to regular drinking. Chronic alcoholism is a serious condition that needs professional complex treatment (including medicines and psychological help).

When a patient suffers from alcohol abuse s/he may be advised to use Antabuse – a medication containing disulfiram as an active ingredient and designed to help people cope with alcohol addiction.

The mechanism of action is rather simple: medicine blocks certain enzymes involved in the process of alcohol metabolism – as a result patient gets very unpleasant side effects every time s/he drinks alcoholic beverages. A patient doesn’t want to experience these side effects, so s/he tries to avoid drinking.

Before you use disulfiram you should understand that this is not a cure for chronic alcoholism, but just a part of a complex therapy.

Disulfiram: patient’s safety
When a patient receives treatment with Disulfiram, s/he should not use any products that contain alcohol. These may include:

  • Medicines,
  • Certain foods and desserts,
  • Hygiene products like mouthwash,
  • Vinegar, etc.

You may get Disulfiram at a regular drug store or online, but you should never give it to a person without his or her knowledge.

There is a list of conditions when taking Disulfiram may be health-threatening. You should consult a medical specialist before using Disulfiram, if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Diabetes,
  • Liver problems,
  • Epilepsy and other disorders characterized with seizures,
  • Underactive thyroid,
  • Hypertension,
  • Kidney problems,
  • Any heart problems,
  • Psychosis or any other mental illnesses,
  • Recent head trauma or any kind of brain damage,
  • An allergy to rubber.

You should also discuss with your doctor the safety of using Disulfiram in case you are taking tuberculosis medicine, a blood thinner or a medicine called phenytoin.

Patients aged fewer than 18 should not take disulfiram.

Disulfiram during pregnancy and breast-feeding

It is known that alcohol is very harmful for a developing fetus, so pregnant women should stay away from drinking by all means. In case of addiction a woman should go to a doctor, but not decide herself whether to use the medicine or not.

Disulfiram is in FDA pregnancy category C – there is no enough data to say whether it can harm a fetus or not. If you got pregnant during the treatment, tell this to your healthcare provider.

Breast-feeding mothers should not feed their babies if they are using Disulfiram – the medicine has the ability to pass into breast milk and is harmful for newborns.

Disulfiram: administration
Before you use the med, you should attentively read the instructions and keep to them strictly. Follow your dosage, keep to recommendations of your healthcare provider. Never exceed your dose or take the med in smaller amounts.

During the treatment with disulfiram a patient should regularly visit his or her doctor and do medical tests for monitoring liver function and effectiveness of treatment program.

If you occasionally overdose, call emergency medical help. In case you miss you dose you should take it as soon as you remember.

Attention! Do not drink alcohol when you are on treatment. Read all labels of food and other products you buy and use – they may contain alcohol. Even a small amount of Disulfiram can make the medicine react and trigger unpleasant symptoms. You should even stay away from sprays, perfume and other beauty products and chemicals that have alcohol as an ingredient.

Disulfiram: side effects
Before you use Disulfiram, please, read this paragraph attentively – this will help you to react correctly if something unusual happen to you.

In case of allergic reaction to the drug a patient should get immediate medical help. Signs of an allergy include trouble breathing, hives or swelling of any part of face/mouth.

If a patient drinks a bit of alcohol during the treatment, s/he may have such side effects as:

  • throbbing headache,
  • increased thirst,
  • pounding heartbeats,
  • exertion,
  • impotence,
  • unusual taste in the mouth,
  • excessive sweating,
  • changes in the face or body: redness, flushing, warmth,
  • severe vomiting,
  • weight gain,
  • weakness,
  • problems with coordination,
  • problems with vision,
  • pain in the neck, etc.

If a patient drinks a lot of alcohol, there may develop more serious side effects: problems with breathing, convulsions, weak pulse, slow heartbeats.

Attention! Heavy drinking during the treatment may lead to death.

Disulfiram: drug interactions
The main thing you should avoid while being on the treatment with disulfiram is alcohol-containing products and meds. If you read a label and see there alcohol, do not use the product. Before you start using the drug it’s better to see your healthcare provider and tell him/her about all meds you are using at the moment. The doctor will explain to you which meds can be taken safely and which cannot. You will receive instructions and recommendations – keep to them strictly to make your treatment successful.

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Disulfiram: Where to buy?
Disulfiram is available for purchasing at regular drug stores, but this option seems to be quite inconvenient for many patients.

First, it’s necessary to spend time on a way to the drug store, on standing in a line, etc.

Second, a patient feels uncomfortable when other people get know about his/her problem.

Third, Disulfiram price is rather high.

Is there anything more convenient? Online pharmacies may be a better option! Just count advantages:

  • You shouldn’t waste your time as your medicine will be delivered to your door.
  • The cost of Disulfiram is smaller which means you can save your money.
  • Your deal will remain anonymous – you won’t feel uncomfortable.

You may feel unsure about the quality of the drug, but we want to calm you down. Lower disulfiram price doesn’t actually mean lower quality – online pharmacies just have smaller expenses (on rent, staff, etc.) so they can offer medications at lower cost. Anyway, you can ask for certificates and documents that prove the origin of medication.

Purchasing drugs at well-known companies with good reputation is not risky –so, be picky and learn information about a pharmacy before creating an order.

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